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    Sims 3 – Review Update (0)

    8/19/09 •

    Back in June, I attempted to review Sims 3 and it simply wouldn’t work on my iPhone – it worked for several moments, crashed, and refused to work thereafter. I was a bit miffed, particularly since I absolutely love all the Sims games, pledge undying allegiance to EA Games, spent Spring break sophomore year of ... Read More

    Sims 3 (0)

    6/04/09 •

    <insert review here> I’m not kidding. I’m a little pissed off, frankly. I downloaded the new Sims 3 app for the iPhone at a fairly steep $9.99 and I haven’t been able to open the game, let alone play it. I would have included some in-game pictures and some comments on the gameplay had I ... Read More