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Tuesday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

Apple didn’t introduce a brand new iPhone on Monday. But it did demo some of the 200 new features that will change the way some people use the iPhone — as well as the iPad and iPod Touch. Apple: IPhone tweaks, thinner MacBook Pro

One current topic which is being talked about is Sprint’s new prepaid iPhone which is available through Virgin Mobile. Pre-Paid iPhone Hits June 29, Marks iPhone 5 Release Date Too?

Apple’s WWDC didn’t produce a new iPhone. So as we wait for Apple to move, the time is right for Samsung and Google to step on the gas and push Android into the stratosphere. With no new iPhone, this could be the summer of Samsung

Steve Jobs’ vendetta against Google remains alive, nine months after the Apple co-founder died feeling betrayed by a company he once embraced as an ally. iPhone dumps Google Maps, adds Facebook

Apple on Monday announced that it was developing a new mapping service from the ground up, with the company doing the cartography by itself. Apple Announces Homegrown Mapping Service for IPhone, IPad

Apple’s Maps app for the iPhone and iPad offers aerial, 3-D views of cities users are navigating. The firm also unveils a line of new Mac laptops and software and an updated Siri. Apple unveils iPhone and iPad Maps app and new Mac laptops

Regardless of which platform is winning today’ssmartphone race, the installed base of active iPhones remains huge, and according to a new report from mobile infrastructure maker Ericsson, those iOS devices are having an outsize impact on the world’s 3G networks. Is the iPhone Overcrowding the World’s 3G Networks?

The geeks are descending onto Moscone West this morning, and some of them have iPhones unlocked to run on T-Mobile’s network. PC Magazine tests T-Mobile’s iPhone service at WWDC

When we’re talking about soccer in this article we’re talking about the original use of the term and that’s football – or specifically English football, not to be confused with other meanings for football. Best iPhone Apps for Soccer

Voip-Pal.Com Inc. (“Voip-Pal”) (otc pink sheets:VPLM) is pleased to announce that it has completed redeployment of the PointsPhone Mobile(TM) Android and iPhone Apps on its retail website, Voip-Pal.Com Inc. Re-launches PointsPhone Mobile(TM) Android and iPhone Apps



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