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Thursday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

What do we have here? It’s the backside of Apple’s next iPhone, at least according to 9to5Mac’s supply chain sources. Next-Gen iPhone Images Leak as Tim Cook Drops a Hint

A new smartphone app by PayPal will allow British shoppers to pay in high street shops using the same electronic wallet they use to pay online. PayPal claims its iPhone and Android shopping app beats NFC chips

It seems that when it rains, it pours. Shortly after leaked images of what is believed to be the casing of the iPhone 5, another image has surfaced showing the schematics of the upcoming Apple flagship smartphone. Leaked image of iPhone 5 schematic reveals a 4-inch display

Connect wirelessly to your Mac, iPad or iPhone for comfortable, fast typing. The solar keyboard is powered by light–even low light and lamp light–so say good-bye to battery hassles. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Nokia Corp.’s new top-of-the-line smartphone sells for $200 less than Apple Inc.’s cheapest iPhone 4S. Inside Nokia’s Struggle Against Apple’s iPhone

Foxconn’s current base salary ($350) per month is already higher than the RMB 1,500 ($240) statutory minimum wage per month in the city of Shenzhen. iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to double worker salaries by 2013

The folks at MacRumors got their hands on an image of a purported design schematic for the front panel of the next-generation iPhone. The leaked schematic appears to show a longer phone with a different aspect ratio than the iPhone 4S. Leaked iPhone Schematic Corroborates 4-Inch Screen Rumor

CEO Tim Cook remains tight lipped as ever while bloggers and news gatherers strain and struggle to see what Apple has planned for the WWDC next week, but the following seem to be the spokes of the rumor wheel… iPhone Rumor Roundup and the Inevitable Release

Readers with good memories may remember that last month we brought news of a new iOS app designed to help users find the fastest US iPhone carrier for their area, AT&T, Verizon or SprintUS iPhone carriers compared with verdict from app results

A WSJ Investigation finds that iPhone and Android apps are breaching the privacy of smartphone users. Your Apps Are Watching : Mobile Phones Keep No Secrets



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