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Thursday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

A woman whose iPhone went missing on a Disney Cruise was able to catch the alleged thief after photos he took with her phone began popping up in her ‘cloud’ – the feature that stores and syncs all personal documents. To catch an iThief: Woman whose iPhone is stolen on Disney cruise outs ‘snatcher’ after it automatically posts pictures he took to HER account

The sixth-generation iPhone is expected to have a larger screen, and several iOS developers say they would receive that change with a warm welcome. Several iOS developers welcome Apple’s larger-screen iPhone

Are you a pho fanatic? Do you care about broth clarity and bowl size? Do you think adding fresh herbs and beanshoots is essential? Are you pro-MSG? However you answered, you are 100 per cent right and 100 per cent wrong. pho blimey

Leaked supplier specifications point to a larger screen for the sixth-generation iPhone expected in October, a move that would be a boon to advertisers but could create headaches for app developers. Large screen iPhone seems more likely

Both iPhone and iPod Touch are in for a complete makeover. A recent rumor, broken up by MacRumors, says that the new iPod touch will have a 4.1-inch display. iPod Touch & iPhone 5 display size: 4.1-inch screen, new parts

People who ride around the region on red Capital Bikeshare bikes are often smiling folks who are taking part in an urban social experiment in transportation. Bikeshare bicycle used in iPhone robbery, police say

A new iPhone-powered guitar, titled the gTar, is currently rocking Kickstarter to the tune of $188,855 in pledges, ensuring that aspiring musicians will soon have a unique and high-tech way to learn the instrument. gTar iPhone Guitar Makes Waves on Kickstarter

The official game of 2012′s exciting action blockbuster, Men in Black 3 is NOW available for FREE on iPhone, iPad & Android. Men in Black 3 Launch Trailer – iPhone, iPad & Android Official Game

Google has today launched a new version of its Google Search app for iPhone, featuring faster operation, full-screen image and search interface and access to all Google apps in one place, reports MacstoriesGoogle launches updated iPhone app

I still find it hard to believe that a Battleship movie even exists. Even though it was totally expected, the amount of cross promotional material for it is staggering. iPhone App Video Review: BATTLESHIP FREE



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