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Thursday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

There may be plenty of other new smartphones around and forthcoming but the new iPhone, or iPhone 5, continues to be the most debated and discussed. New iPhone 5 design or expect tragedy

I was skeptical, even horrified, when I first heard about the photo-sharing craze Instagram more than a year ago. Review: Warming up to photo-sharing app Instagram

AT&T has confirmed it will allow people to unlock their iPhones, which would mean that the phone could be used on other wireless networks. How to Get AT&T to Unlock Your iPhone

Despite having not owned a watch in more than 10 years, I can appreciate the allure of the iPhone-compatible Pebble E-Paper Watch, a Kickstarter project that was funded in less than two hours. iPhone-compatible ‘smart watch’ raises $100K in two hours

Nokia’s Lumia 900 smartphone demonstrates a tight partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, which puts its component costs at just 46 percent of its retail price, according to a Wednesday report. Analyst: Nokia’s Lumia 900 Uses the Same Playbook as the iPhone

Apple is said to be testing a prototype iPhone loaded with 1GB of RAM. According to 9to5Mac, Apple currently is using the prototype internally cloaked in a shell designed to look like an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to prevent leaks about the new design. Report: Apple Testing 1GB iPhone–New iPod, Too?

Summarizes news headlines. Offers plenty of celebrity gossip and brand- or company-specific news. Free. Wavii for iPhone

Even as thousands of employees at Foxconn in China are busy with the manufacturing of the forthcoming new model of iPhone, a similar plant in China is busy manufacturing these fake lookalikes of its predecessor. Features-packed iPhone 4S for just Dh500 in the UAE

Next iPhone will see a significant hardware revision, analyst predicts. Meanwhile, T-Mobile seeks to lure in owners of old, unlocked iPhones. iPhone 5 Reports Suggest 4-Inch Screen

Because it’s a doggone great app, and it may be the most clever small business name -ever- Digi has chosen “PP Pet Salon” as the app of the day. appsbar Recognizes “PP Pet Salon” as App of the Day

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