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Thursday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

Reports from Foxconn suggest that Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5 release date is very close. Earlier it was being anticipated that the highest selling smart phone, Apple’s forthcoming version will be launched in October. Foxconn: iPhone 5 release in June, not in October

Anyone who has ever experienced their iPhone slipping from their hands or breaking free of their earbuds knows just how scary the thought of it crashing to the ground and smashing can be. New Strong iHangy Keeps Expensive iPhone Safe Even if Forcefully Dropped

In the lucrative and competitive world of smartphones, Apple‘s iPhone is the most popular device and Google‘s Android—used by phone makers like Samsung and Motorola—is the most widely used operating system. It’s Big, It’s Blue, It’s Windows, But Can It Beat Rival Phones?

Wednesday appears to be a banner day for regional carriers and the iPhone: This morning, Macworld noted that both Virginia-based nTelos and Alaskan carrier Alaskan Communications would carry the iPhone 4S starting on April 20. iPhone gains even more regional carriers for April 20 launch

Apple needs to start pushing the boundaries again with its iPhone 5. Here’s what we want to see aboard what will no doubt be 2012’s best-selling phone. Apple’s iPhone 5: What it will need to succeed in 2013

Apparently, some iPhone users aren’t happy that Android owners are finally getting Instagram. CNET’s Emily Dreyfuss examines the insidious tone of the ensuing tweet war. iPhone users: Android is ruining our Instagram club

Get your green jackets ready, it’s time once again for the Masters Golf Tournament. This year’s tournament runs from April 2 through April 8, and to celebrate, we’ve come up with a few apps that should help you get the most out of your Masters experience this year. These iPhone apps will prepare you the Masters

Few iPhone health apps available today are specifically designed to connect patients with care providers in real-time. GreatCall launches subscription-based LiveNurse iPhone app

As the web falls back in love with the animated GIF, an app called Flixel has launched for people to create moving images with speed and ease. Flixel: Make Your Photographs Move with This Easy iPhone App

Apple’s new iPad, already a hit with consumers with its high-resolution display, is nonetheless underwhelming some HTML 5 developers. New iPad complicates life for HTML 5 developers


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