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Wednesday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

With one fell swoop, Twitter has confronted privacy concerns, returned missed features to its mobile audience, and opened its information network up to even more tablet-toting folks. Twitter updates iPhone and Android apps, releases Kindle Fire app

Apple has reached a preliminary settlement to put to bed class action litigation that claimed the consumer electronics giant misrepresented and concealed information in connection with an iPhone that was plagued by reception issues due to a defective antenna design. Apple settles claims over iPhone 4 problems 

The iPhone 5 will make its debut in the fall, at least according to Japanese blog Macotakara.  Will the iPhone 5 launch later this year?

Yes, Google may well have been looking over your shoulder every time you surf your iPhone, iPad or MacBook, or anything using Safari for that matter. Google Caught Tracking Your iPhone

In the recent kerfuffle over the prevalence of the -webkit CSS prefix and the lack of corresponding prefixes for other browsers, we told you that the problem was with developers, not WebKit browsers. Instead of writing code that will work in any browser many developers are coding exclusively for WebKit and that’s a problem. The iPhone Monoculture Is in Your Mind

THQ have confirmed that the game which was released on iPad & iPhone earlier today, will also see released on XBLA, PSN, PC & Android. WWE WrestleFest Trailer (iPad, iPhone, XBLA, PSN, PC & Android)

Young Upper Hutt receptionist Georgiana Symon ran down Main St to confront a man with her new iPhone, three cellphones and her wallet and made him come back and face the music. Worker chased down iPhone thief

Small-mid sized business owners face peculiar management challenges. They are required to multi task, set processes in order and manage business while travelling in and out to meet prospects. iPhone Business Apps Helping SMEs to Improve Productivity and Slash Operational Costs

Now that the iPhone 4S is coming to China Telecom, Chinese iPhone users finally have a choice. Do they stick with China Unicom, previously the only official option for the iPhone, or switch to Telecom? Or just forgo 3G service altogether and shove a China Mobile SIM card in instead? Will iPhone 4S Buyers Choose China Telecom or China Unicom?

Apple Inc. on Thursday released a developer preview of an update for the Mac operating system, dubbed “Mountain Lion,” that will copy more features and apps from the iPhone and iPad to the Mac. Apple releases preview of Mac operating system update Mountain Lion




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