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Friday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

Recently we’ve heard a whole lot about the epic release and defamation of Pokemon Yellow for iPhone, a game that turned out to be a scam and was thusly removed from the market. GeoSociety for iPhone Review : a perfect Pokemon alternative

Celebrity news website reported on Thursday that a 24-year-old woman filed a police report in Miami Beach this past Sunday for “robbery by snatching” and that Brown was the culprit. Chris Brown under investigation for iPhone theft

Apple is planning to replace the dock connector on its iPad, iPhone and iPod with a smaller ‘micro’ version, reports suggest. Apple iPhone dock connector to ‘be ditched’

Reports that a Microsoft Office app is in development for iPad began last November – but now sources say that the computer giant is just weeks away from launching it. Microsoft ‘weeks away from Office app for iPad’ – but is it a case of too little, too late?

Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, who yesterday told investors they would get more say in picking board members, signaled greater willingness than his predecessor to heed the concerns of his company’s shareholders. Apple Signals New Era in Heeding Shareholders

A recent App Interrogator survey conducted by analysis firm Canalys has revealed that paid-for apps on the Android market are on average two and a half times the cost of apps made for the iPhone. Android Apps Cost 2.5 Times More Than iPhone Apps

Android and iPhone apps will offer more disclosure about their use of personal data. Undera  new deal between California and six tech giants, users of Android, iPhone, and other mobile devices will get disclosures before they download mobile apps. Android, iPhone users get new privacy protection

After AT&T called off a proposed merger late last year, thanks to intense scrutiny from federal regulators, the company announced fourth quarter earnings today. They said the lack of an iPhone was one of the reasons for a loss of more than 800,000 post-paid customers. T-Mobile Blames iPhone 4S Launch For Customer Loss

How they rank against each other? Over the past several years CEM4Mobile Solutions, the provider of innovative CustomerExperience Management (CEM) solutions and services for Mobile Operators andService Providers, has been monitoring different trends in the mobile market. New Survey from CEM4Mobile Solutions: Engagement of Lumia 800, iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SII

The “Retina Display” purportedly from Apple’s iPad 3 has surfaced again, with notorious teardown merchants iFixit doing their level best to get the pixel-blessed panel up and running. iPad 3 rumored “Retina Display” gets video fondle

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