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Wednesday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is now offering a new security feature that can make smartphones like iPhone more secure. RIM offers security on iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS and Android smart phones

I have to admit I was skeptical of former Facebook platform developer Dave Morin’s new company Path when it first launched. Former Facebook Platform Developer Dave Morin Creates A New Path On The iPhone

Ever heard of “brand bullying”? Chances are that you are living it, without even knowing it. Does your child really need that iPhone?

I’ve been remiss in not posting a review of the iPhone 4S for two main reasons: it seems like everyone else is reviewing it and, with the exception of the Siri voice recognition app, it really doesn’t feel like a huge change from the iPhone 4Hardware, Software, and Services Combo Make iPhone 4S Magic

Microsoft is said to be porting its Office suite to iOS, to run on Apple’s iPad. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wonder if the world’s gone mad. Microsoft Office for iPad ahoy, say rumors

Ge Wang GS ’08 has turned out some pretty quirky iPhone apps. Ocarina is a touchscreen flute that you play by blowing into an iPhone’s microphone. Ge Wang GS ’08: Making music through iPhone apps

Today TED, the nonprofit devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” launches its free TED app for the iPhone and iPod touch. TED App Comes to the iPhone

Siri, the automated personal assistance feature Apple acquired and integrated into iPhone 4S, has attracted lots of comparisons with apps or system services for alternative mobile platforms, but none come close to doing what Siri can. Siri clones demonstrate vast technical lead Apple enjoys with iPhone 4S software

How many people do you know that either bought an Apple iPhone 4S or can’t wait until they get one? How iPhone 4S Recaptures Market Share

An Apple iPhone 4 was glowing red hot and emitted a ”significant amount” of dense smoke as it spontaneously combusted onboard a flight in Australia in the second reported incident of its kind in the last month. Apple iPhone 4 explodes on flight



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