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Wednesday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

The iPhone 5 is coming. This is no rumor, no guesswork, no fuzzy photo taken by someone allegedly holding an iPhone 5 prototype. Apple has set the date and the place for a real product launch. Apple iPhone 5 Launch: Here’s What to Expect

Apple sent out invitation to press on Tuesday, announcing that it will hold its next iPhone event on October 4. It is expected the company will launch iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S – or both – at the event. Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on October 4

Aside from a bar in San Francisco last July, another prototype of Apple Inc.’s upcoming iPhone 5 may have also been lost in China as well, a tech site reported. Another iPhone prototype lost -in China

Dedicated Facebook apps are available on iPhone and Android, but those apps are limited in scope and are used mostly when users are away from their computers. Facebook iPad app likely during iPhone 5 launch

Searching for apps on the iTunes App Store just got a whole lot more fun, thanks to a totally revamped Chomp. We take a look at one of the iPhone’s most popular app search apps. Daily App: Chomp for the iPhone

The next iPhone from Apple (AAPL) will be unveiled next week at a press event on Oct. 4, and the iPhone we’ll see will be the fifth major iteration of Apple’s smartphone. It may not be called iPhone 5, but it will be the iPhone 5, whatever its name. What to Expect at Apple’s iPhone 5 Event

I’ve been asking both questions after reviewingVerizon’s legal filing supporting Samsung in its patent dispute with Apple. What if iPhone 5 isn’t LTE?

If you’re the kind of person who constantly exhausts your friends and family by spouting fun facts any time a movie comes up in conversation — and if you’re reading this site, there’s a decent chance you are — IMDb’s got a new product just for you. IMDb Releases Trivia Game for iPhone and iPod Touch

September may as well have been called Sue-tember as far as Apple was concerned, with most of the coverage concerning its many legal ploys. Apple in review: Sue-tember and the iPhone 5

Engineers and researchers at Boeing Co. and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an iPhone application to fly a miniature drone aircraft from some 3,000 miles away. IPhone app pilots drone aircraft from 3,000 miles away

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