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Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

No, Apple Inc.’s highly anticipated next-generation iPhone 5 will not have a panel bigger than four inches, though the design will make the screen seem bigger. Digitimes: iPhone 5 to ‘look larger’

Sprint has scheduled a “Strategy Update” presentation for Friday, Oct. 7, around the same time the carrier is rumored to begin offering Apple’s iPhone. Sprint schedules Oct. 7 event amid iPhone rumors

Those hunkered down for the upcoming iPhone 5 release date and trying to figure out what Apple’s future product landscape will look like with newly appointed chairman Steve Jobs now riding in the back seat can look to another company for guidance: Disney. Post-Jobs: iPhone 5 release date is fresh start after iPhone 4 trials

Surprise, surprise: Apple’s upcoming iCloud service will support the streaming of your iTunes music library stored online to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. Apple’s iCloud Supports Streaming of Your iTunes Library to iPhone, Other Devices

News of Steve Jobs’ departure has overshadowed rumors over Apple’s next iPhone, but the company’s next smartphone is still on its way. It will likely reach stores sometime in OctoberWaiting for My Next iPhone

Nuance Communications, Inc. today announced that the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app for iPhone now features voice recognition capabilities powered by Dragon. Nuance Powers New Voice Capabilities on OnStar RemoteLink App for iPhone

Over the last six months we’ve heard enough about the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPad 3 to last us a lifetime. Report: Apple Working on a Television Set

No Apple Inc.’s  highly anticipated next-generation iPhone 5 will not have a panel bigger than four inches, though the design will make the screen seem bigger. Digitimes: iPhone 5 to’ look larger’

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