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Friday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

Special iPad version gets split-screen feature for head-to-head play, vocal recognition feature. Rock Band Reloaded for iPad, iPhone Released

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are America’s most desired smartphone operating systems, according to recently released Nielsen statistics. Among Women, iPhone Most Desired Smartphone Operating System

Motorola Mobility chief Sanjay Jha outlined the company’s strategy on patent protection, tablets and 4G, but also strongly hinted that the first quarter arrival of Apple’s iPhone at Verizon Wireless could hurt the first quarter. Patents, tablets and weathering a Verizon iPhone challenge

Verizon Wireless readies its LTE, not-quite-4G network, initially in 38 cities and just for USB modems. Still no sign of a Verizon iPhone. “4G” Verizon Wireless LTE: No iPhone… no phones at all

Blackberry maker Research in Motion announced in a blog post that it has bought The Astonishing Tribe, a Swedish company that designs snazzy user interfaces for smart phones and other mobile devices. RIM Continues its Acquisitions Tear As It Fights iPhone, Android

Apple has, over the last few years, been criticised for not being ‘serious’ about entering (or appealing to) the corporate world. Apple and the serious world of dark blue suits

New contract rules at China Unicom meant to prevent Chinese iPhone 4 owners from reselling their phones have drawn the attention of the Chinese government, which has called on the network operator to respect consumers’ rights. China Unicom’s IPhone Policy Draws Attention From Gov’t

One-legged potter, Josiah Wedgwood, fought slavery in the 1800s by creating medallions crafted with a revolutionary logo. Could an iPhone app help in the fight against slave labour?

Verizon has been a super partner for Motorola to revive its mobile division and we all know the amount of hype and impact the Droid made. Motorola buckles up for Verizon iPhone in Q1 2010

The fact that Apple locks its batteries into its devices isn’t just a design decision; it’s a statement. Apple products are made with some of the best batteries on the market. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus Protects and Powers Your iPhone 4

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