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Monday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

The Verizon iPhone is coming at the start of 2011 and it’s a long way off from the start of 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone only to reveal that it would only be available exclusively through AT&T. Verizon iPhone arrives four years late, still makes splash

Just when you thought it was safe to show off your iPhone 4, there’s a new “gate” dogging the iconic smartphone. Glassgate – more cracks appear in iPhone 4.

 The consumer watchdog has taken Apple to task over warranty issues as reports surface of new design problems relating to the iPhone 4′s glass body. Apple slapped by watchdog as new iPhone cracks emerge

 After the buzz last week, driven in part by reports in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, that the iPhone would finally be coming to the Verizon network early next year, a few friends over the weekend wanted to know: did this mean I was finally going to get an iPhone?  The Verizon iPhone: Has Android turned those rumors into “so what?” moments?

 The Verizon iPhone 4 brings choice to the Verizon platform, a kind of choice that has it has thus far been lacking. Sure, Verizon sells a number of different smartphones. Verizon iPhone 4 and Droid mark start of mainstream vs geek battle

 The long-awaited Apple jailbreak is ready to download, but it’s not exactly what we expected: it’s limera1n doing the jailbreaking, not greenpois0n. Jailbreak iOS 4.1 day: iPhone 3GS/4, iPad, iPod 4G; limera1n not greenpois0n

 MagSafe connectors for Apple’s mobile devices was first spotted by Patently Apple, who noticed it lodged deep in Apple’s patent filings. MagSafe Might Be Coming To The iPad 2 and iPhone 5

 Energizer unveiled their AP1201, which is an iPhone 4 case that charges while it protects. The case is not bad looking at all, and comes with two charging options: a high speed charging mode which charges the phone first, then the case, while the other option provides simultaneous pass-through charging.  Energizer Has An iPhone 4 Case That Charges While It Protects

 Apple said it is now accepting pre-orders for iPhone 4s in China and limiting customers to one phone per purchase, a measure that could give regular consumers a way to beat scalpers who have been selling marked-up devices directly in front of Apple’s retail stores in Shanghai and Beijing. Apple Limits iPhone 4 Orders in China

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