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Wednesday Links

Top iPhone and Technology Related Stories from across the web

Nokia Oyj has chosen Anssi Vanjoki, an outspoken executive who produced its last hit smartphone three years ago, to bring back the buzz. Nokia Goes ‘Back to the Future’ in Attempt to Topple iPhone

Google’s OS is available on a variety of handsets, and those handsets are often much cheaper than an iPhone. Android Outsells the iPhone – No Big Surprise

As Apple (AAPL) and software giant Adobe (ADBE) battle over the future of online video, there’s one clear winner: Services that help companies add video to their websites. Apple-Adobe Flash feud helps video solutions companies

Looks like you can toss your Verizon iPhone dreams in the garbage for now, as AT&T — the network with the lowest customer satisfaction rateand most dropped calls — holds an exclusive on the iPhone until 2012. AT&T Maintains Its Grip on the iPhone Until 2012

Deep down inside, Apple’s iPad may be driving users crazy, at least according to an early usability study. iPad Not Always Easy to Use

Verizon Wireless might introduce a next-generation Apple iPhone with the 4G wireless-networking standard Long Term Evolution (LTE) this summer, ending AT&T’s lock on this very popular smartphone. Verizon Could get iPhone 4G with LTE this Summer

Ferndale-based Myine Electronics announced the launch of an iPhoneapplication for its Livio Radio, a standalone unit that allows users to play Internet radio stations through a home stereo. Myine Electronics develops iPhone application for its Internet radio

Tuesday morning a report surfaced that a company called Landor Associates is working on a branding campaign for the Verizon iPhone. That would makes some sense in accordance with a report earlier this year that an Apple contract manufacturer is working on a CDMA version of the iPhone, which is the network that Verizon uses in the U.S. Does AT&T have iPhone exclusivity until 2012?

Intrigued by iPhone knockoffs? Hang on to your cash unless you want a ‘touchscreen’ Apple imitation (that really only works with a stylus). How Not to Buy a Phony Apple iPhone

Apple has updated a few iPhone and iPod Touch related support articles to include information regarding the iPad. These articles cover backing up and synchronizing these devices with your Macusing Apple’s programs but also with Entourage. Recent Apple iPhone and iPad knowledgebase article updates

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