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Hair Makeover


Touch Apps

Release Date: 

January 02, 2010






One of the better of the hair prediction modules, and probably the best one for the iPhone app.

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hair1It’s already four days into the New Year, and already I’m starting to think, “Where has the time gone?” But, all is good in the land of 2010, and already I see people on Facebook declaring what their New Year’s Resolutions are, how they’ll tackle them, and crossing their fingers, hoping such declarations will come true. Some resolutions are harder to do, like starting a new exercise regime, or finally publishing a short story (keep crossing your fingers, Jackie), but there are plenty of others that are easily reachable in the realm of instant gratification. For many women, a good standby resolution is the makeover: makeover your wardrobe, makeover your eyeshadow from a palette of mostly brown neutrals to young and flirty greens and purples, and finally, makeover your hair. The last one has particularly stunning results. A haircut can dramatically change your face shape, the way you view yourself, the way others view you, and nothing refreshes the spirit and your vivaciousness like a brand new, shiny ‘do. Like I said, it’s instant gratification.

hair2But, that isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of horrendous mishaps in the land of hair. I’ve had plenty of haircuts where I leave the salon on the verge of tears. I even know of one friend who came home, only to have her husband stare and say, with abject amusement, that had she a pilfered AK-47, she could pass as a terrorist. Ouch. Hair is serious business, people. It is the life force of many a woman, and much like our collection of shoes for every occasion, we want our hair to be bright and flattering, a direct reflection of ourselves. We scour magazines, peruse celebrity galleries online, and read articles about face shape and hair, all in the drastic, whole nine yards attempt to find that one perfect hairstyle, like Jennifer Aniston’s “the Rachel” of the 90s. Great hairstyles come but once a decade, it seems.

Hair Makeover by Touch Apps is a lot like those online hairstyle makeover sites where you plug in a picture of yourself, and bombard said picture with dozens of stock hairstyle photos that always look misaligned and disproportional to your face. Usually, these sites do nothing to help in your selection – the hair image always look plastic and unflattering when against your actual photo, and all too often you leave the site still feeling completely helpless, perhaps with even more doubt and frustration, about your hair. Hair Makeover, however, hair3manages to be more presentable, and actually aids a bit in the uphill battle toward finding hair nirvana. You may take a picture of yourself or use one from your library, and then plug in a hairstyle of the short, medium or long length (or “men’s” hair if you’re feeling particularly androgynous), scrolling through each, and examining the results. You can save any results you like, to potentially use as a visual aid, and you can even email the results or pose them on facebook (why you would do this, I have no idea). I was pleasantly surprised at how the hairstyles actually looked semi-believable on my face – I’ll even go a step further and say it helped me a bit in figuring out what cuts would look good on me. Longer hair suits me – it’s youthful and playful, and endlessly flattering – but for awhile now I’ve been meaning to just chop it all off, experiment with that hair milestone every working woman in her mid-20s starts to take – that of the short, polished, professional bob, the one that says “Hi, I’m the project manager for Antiques United,” or, if it’s the absolute wrong cut, “Hi, I’m prematurely old.”

Haircuts are monumental decisions for a woman, if you decide to teeter on the dangerous side and try something completely different, telling your hairdresser to just, “go wild.” I actually just had my hair styled before Christmas, at a lovely salon in downtown Petaluma called Muse Salon, where this awesome chick named Eva discussed sci-fi flicks and nerds, clothing apps, and nightlife adventures while she snipped and blowdried my tresses. Now, let me tell you, I don’t get my hair cut that often. I like it wild and unfettered and I tend to go an entire year in between cuts – au natural suits me. After experimenting with wild dye jobs and blow-drying my hair to a death frizz in high school, every year since then I’ve enjoyed hair4my natural hair color and air-drying, with coconut oil and leave-in conditioners. People remark on the healthiness of my hair, and well, that’s what happens when you do absolutely nothing to it. But, for the end of 2009, and for the brink of a new decade, I wanted a change of pace. I told my hairdresser those bold words, with smile emblazoned on my face, to just “go for it.” Before I entreat you to a story of pixie cuts and platinum locks, let me thankfully tell you how wise my hairdresser was. She thought about my skin color, my face shape, and my general style – judging from my wardrobe and demeanor – and created a hairstyle from that. In other words, I lucked out, because “go for it” to her, still took into consideration my overall package. Hair Makeover is a bit like that – you can wing it and try a bold style, but at least on this app, that picture of you with straight bangs and copper hair is but a mere facsimile, and you definitely do not have to commit to it.

My end result at Muse was dyed chocolate brown hair with an interesting choppy long-layered cut, which suited me just fine – it was, and is, beautiful and right up my alley. It was enough of a change for my friends to take notice, ooh and ahh, but close enough to my style that it melded seamlessly into my life. After using Hair Makeover, though, I definitely will have more courage when it comes to treading on unchartered territory: those unknown lands of blonde hair, curled and sprayed, spiky short, and chin-length bobs. The technology definitely has a ways to go before hair predictions will look perfectly realistic, but it’s always fun to try something new, right? Hopefully, Hair Makeover will help you make the baby steps.

* Over 200 Hairstyles.
* 14 Languages supported.
* Both Women & men hairstyles available.
* Great Variety of high quality hairstyles.
* Adjust your photo easily and fully to suit hairstyle.
* Pick photo from library or take new with camera
* Hairstyle will suit any background.
* Save the makeover photo and share with your friends.
* Upload to facebook with a single click.
* Use saved makeover photo to consult your hairdresser or friends to determine which hairstyle suits you the most.
* Easy And Fast switching between hairstyles.
* Up to date hairstyles.

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