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Disney Fairies Fly Lite


Disney Interactive Studios

Release Date: 

October 13, 2009






The colorful and beautiful introductory video is likely to captivate a child's attention and the game play is simple enough for a child to grasp.

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Tinkerbell Introduction Video

Tinkerbell Introduction Video

One of the first games that I downloaded on the iPhone for my three year old daughter to play with was the free iPhone app Fairies Fly Lite by Disney. The colorful and beautiful introductory video captivated her attention and the game play was simple enough for her to grasp. The game play essentially involves tilting the iPhone or iPod touch up or down to make Tinkerbell fly and collect as many screws (no idea why the game creators settled on bolts), little golden orbs and an occasional silver orb. A screw earns you 10 points while collecting a golden orb gets you 20 points. Silver orbs provide the most bang for the buck with 50 points, quite the opposite of how real world commodities are priced.

Fairies Fly iPhone App

Tinkerbell FlyingMy little girl could care less about the points and enjoyed just watching a bright green Tinkerbell move around to the command of her little hands. To make things a little interesting the game also includes obstacles to avoid such as cute blue birds, tree stumps jutting up from the bottom of the screen and dark thunderclouds that hit you with jolts of lightning. Each collision depletes some of your pixie dust/mana and your goal is to get to the end without losing all your pixie dust. Tinkerbell does a nice little somersault in the air just as you reach the end. You get only one chance to replenish your pixie dust meter by picking up a large orb of pixie dust. You can also jet through certain sections by touching on a little button at the lower right hand corner that provides turbo boost for your flying fairy. I am fairly certain that this jetting feature was introduced in an update and was not in the original version we first downloaded.

The free lite version of the game includes three levels in a section called “Beach Cove” but your toddler can also visit an area of Fairies Fly Charactersthe map called Tinkers Nook to find hidden videos, objects and download wallpapers to your camera roll. The full version of the game costs $4.99 and was worth every penny as it kept my daughter occupied for nearly 2 hours on a recent long flight home from Hawaii. In terms of game play there is hardly anything new in the full version but it does include four other worlds that you can fly through once you are done with the three levels of Beach Cove. You also get to pick from a number of other characters besides Tinkerbell including Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta and a mysterious fairy (Vidia) that has to be unlocked before you can use her.

If you find that you have to hold the phone at weird angles to make Tinkerbell or her friends fly properly, you can get around it by holding the pause button at the bottom left and and recalibrating the game by simply holding the iPhone or iPod touch in a comfortable position before resuming the game.

There is absolutely no educational value to this game and it simply provides a few hours of entertainment. If you are looking for an educational app that is also fun for a toddler or three year old, the iWriteWords iPhone app fits the bill perfectly as you can read from Jackie’s glowing review of the iWriteWords. Fairies Fly lite and the full version are fun and the twinkle in your kids eyes as he or she explores Pixie Hollow is worth a download.

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