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Wednesday Links

Top iPhone and Technology related stories from across the web

Despite a slow start in official handset sales, the iPhone has found success in China with customers flocking to the App Store, even with the device’s lack o Wi-Fi. Apple’s iPhone App Store takes off in China

As the PND vs. smartphone battle for navigation superiority continues, we’re seeing more of the GPS heavyweights hedging their bets by developing application versions of their standalone GPS devices, while others push toward adding cellular technology to their portable devices in a bid to even the playing field. Road-testing the Magelan RoadMate for iPhone

So Apple (AAPL) spoke to mobile online advertising company AdMob before the company’s CEO Omar Hamoui inked its recent $750 million deal with Google(GOOG), Bloomberg and others have reported. The real prize in Google’s AdMob buy: iPhone user data

Google today announced version 2.0 of Google Earthfor the iPhone and iPod touch, just over a year after releasing the first edition of the application, a piece of software which quickly turned into the second most popular download in Apple’s App Store. Google Updates Google Earth App for iPhone

Verizon Wireless said AT&T is suing the wireless operator not because its recent ads are untrue, but because the truth hurts. Verizon to AT&T: Stop whining; start investing

Microsoft Windows continues to dominate the PC market with a 90 percent market-share stronghold, but when it comes to smartphones, Microsoft is getting beat up worse than a mustachioed villain in a Jackie Chan movie. How Microsoft Blew it with Windows Mobile

The newest high-end accessory on campus this year isn’t a fancy backpack or designer shoes, it’s the stylish and app-filled iPhone or iPod Touch, and it’s not just being used to play games and make phone calls. High School and College sudens gain competitive end with iPhones

Apple has apparently added a new layer to the iTunes App Store approval process. Now developers will find their iPhone apps passed through a mysterious device called a static analysis tool. So what the dickens does this mean? Bear with us… Apple now using automated software to approve

Three iPhone application developers are cited in an online petition which asks Apple to approve their apps, all of which have been sitting in limbo for months on end. Online Petition Demands Apple Approve iPhone Apps

Thieves have made off with millions of dollars worth of iPhones in a daring heist from a Belgian warehouse. The thieves climbed a fire ladder to the roof of the warehouse, Belgium’s De Standaard said. Thieves steal iPhones in roftop heist

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