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Receipts is a wonderfully functional iPhone app to help you keep your finances in order with tons of features broken down below.

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chartReceipts is a wonderfully functional iPhone app to help you keep your finances in order. I am no expert on money, which is why this app is perfect for me.

+) Receipts lets you take pictures of your receipts (and crop the photos)

It has never been easier to track your spending. I found that I needn’t worry about forgetting a purchase from earlier in the day as Receipts is so quick that I logged all purchases immediately. Also, I like this feature because I can take a quick photo of my computer screen for online purchases and I have a backup receipt incase elves steal my fastidious filefolder catalogue of purchases since 1997.

+) Allows for + and – Receipts.

-) Does not account for the inept, and explain the advantages of + and – receipts.

I wish I had realized the potential here sooner as initially I logged all of my receipts as + figuring that I could export the compiled list as my expences. By setting all expenses as – receipts and all deposits as +, you can keep your finances in order from your phone.

+) Exports information

Now that you’re on top of your expences and income on your phone, you can easily back up the information on your computer. Export account report files over WiFi (WebDAV) or as text in email for import into spreadsheets.

+) Categorizes your expendituresreceipt list

I can see where most of my money is going. It will be really interesting to see how this pans out over a month or longer.

+) Saves business names/ customizable categories

Receipts is so quick and user friendly that I am able to get rid of some pre-existing categories and input my own. I’d normally joke about my bear wrangling expenses but a) Its too pricy to mention and b) I don’t joke about money.

+) Supports international currency

This feature allows me to pretend that I have a Swiss bank account. If you do have a Swiss bank account, you may appreciate this feature for better reasons than I do.

+) Variety of charts

You can look at the totals in a variety of charts, which is very nice if you’re into pie or bars. If you aren’t into pie or bars but are into charts, you may find this helpful as well.

-) Aesthetics could use some work (is anyone else tired of simple text lists?)

+) (most importantly) Lazy proof!receipt

I am notorious for not keeping up on my banking, let alone my receipts. This app not only gives me a system to easily keep track of my spending, it also gives me a sense of empowerment that even I, bear-wrangling number-opposing man, can keep up with his receipts!

Bottom Line

If you’ve let your banking slide, get this app! It’s the easiest thing and you’ll appreciate it in a month, then again in six months, and again… well, you get it. If anything, you can impress your banker by showing how excited you are about keeping track of the numbers.

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